All Breed Dog DietA complete and wholesome maintenance diet holistically formulated for all adult dogs.$16.49$103.48
Best Breed Cat DietNaturally formulated to help strengthen the digestive health of both cats and kittens, allowing them …$19.99$85.99
Cocker Spaniel Dog DietHolistically formulated to include all essential nutrients – from only the highest-quality meats, fats and …$16.49$103.48
Coldwater Recipe (Replacement for Salmon w/ Veg.)Hypoallergenic: a holistic blend of wild-caught salmon, whole grains and vegetables. Excellent for dogs with …$17.49$109.50
Countryside Recipe (Replacement for Chicken w/ Veg.)A holistic blend of chicken and duck, whole grains and vegetables.$16.49$99.49
Dental CareNaturally formulated to help promote your cat or dog’s clean teeth and fresh breath.$19.99
Field & Stream Recipe (Replacement for Lamb Meal Formula)The perfect holistic red meat and fish formula made with lamb, whitefish, whole grains, fruits …$18.49$115.50
Freshwater RecipeHolistic blend of US-sourced catfish, whole grains and vegetables for all breeds and all life-stages.  …$18.49$109.48
German Dog DietNaturally formulated dog food for large and giant breeds including German Shepherds, Rottweilers and Dobermans. …$16.49$103.48
Grain Free Cat DietHypoallergenic: A healthful alternative for cats with sensitivities to grains.$21.99$99.50
Grain Free Farmer's Recipe (Replacement for GF Chicken Formula)Made with low-glycemic fruits and vegetables, including nutrient-rich green peas, red lentils and chickpeas. Rich …$17.99$109.50
Grain Free Ocean Recipe (Replacement for GF Salmon)Made with low-glycemic fruits and vegetables, including nutrient-rich green peas, red lentils and chickpeas. Rich …$19.49$123.48
Grain Free Red Meat RecipeHigh-quality, low-ash buffalo meat that is rich in protein, helping build and maintain muscle mass. Made …$20.25$133.48
Large Breed Dog DietFormulated to promote the health and happiness of all large breed dogs – excellent for …$16.49$103.48
Perna-Flex2 Dog GlucosaminePerna Flex2 supplement with green-lipped sea mussel and glucosamine naturally helps support proper joint and …$54.99
Poodle Dog DietNaturally formulated dog food for Poodles and other fair-skinned dogs with hair coats, including toys.$16.49$103.48
Puppy DietAll-natural and balanced food specially formulated for both large breed and small breed puppies.$16.49$103.48
Retriever Dog Recipe (Previously Field Dog)Naturally formulated dog food for field dogs including Labrador and Golden Retrievers, Hounds, and Setters. …$16.49$110.48
Schnauzer Dog DietNaturally formulated dog food for Schnauzers, Terriers and other small breeds.$16.49$103.48
Senior Dog Diet (Reduced Calorie)Low-fat dog food formulated to help maintain the health and vitality of older and less-active …$16.49$103.48
Small Breed RecipeHolistic blend of chicken, fish, whole grains and vegetables that is perfect for all toy …$17.99$97.19
Working Dog Diet (High Calorie)Formulated for hard working and active dogs. Also excellent for overly-lean dogs and pregnant and …$17.49$111.48