The founding philosophy behind our formulas is what Dr. Gary Cotton, Founder of Best Breed, calls “Common Sense Nutrition.” Common Sense Nutrition means we disregard the usual marketing and cost control techniques often used by the larger conglomerate-type pet food companies and simply develop the healthiest all-natural dog and cat foods possible.

Over 20 years ago, Best Breed was founded by Dr. Gary Cotton to help address issues that he would repeatedly see in his clinic.  Read Our Story

The difference between our foods and our competitors’ foods is not on the outside of the bag, rather it is inside. When comparing and contrasting labels of different brands, one can easily decipher that a food containing low-grade ingredients such as, “chicken by-product meal” or “corn gluten” is subordinate to a diet that contains ingredients like, “chicken meal” or “brown rice.” But what most pet parents do not realize is that just because a diet has ingredients such as “chicken meal” or “brown rice” listed, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is of the highest quality. For example, there are many grades of chicken meal, all of which can legally be called “chicken meal” on the ingredient list, but are significantly different in terms of nutritional value and digestibility. Best Breed’s formulas contain only the highest grade of ingredients available, helping ensure the health and vitality of your faithful friend.

Meats – High protein, low-ash sources of meats including:

  • Antibiotic-free, USA-sourced chicken raised without added hormones,
  • Wild-caught, omega-3 rich salmon and whitefish from the USA and Canada
  • Free-range lamb from New Zealand and Australia.
  • Catfish from the USA

Healthy grains – When made with plenty of animal-derived meats and fats, a food with some grains can be very healthy for dogs and cats. Best Breed uses highly nutritious grains sourced from the USA and Canada. No formula contains corn, soy, wheat or gluten meals.

Grain Free Ingredients – In our grain free formulas we use healthful grain alternative ingredients sourced from the USA and Canada.

Fruits and Vegetables – Antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables from the USA

Best Breed is committed to producing the safest and freshest pet foods possible. As a smaller, privately-held company, we are able to implement tighter quality controls and shorter lead times to ensure that only the finest and freshest ingredients are used. Best Breed pays a premium to source USA or Canadian-grown non-GMO grains and low-ash meats from accredited suppliers. Further, all diets are made in the USA, in facilities that are both European Union approved and regularly inspected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Lastly, ingredients are tested as they arrive at the plant by our in-house lab and recorded for traceability. Ingredients are then tracked as they are being used for production and with one date code we can know which batch of ingredients were used in a particular bag of food.

All ingredients used our formulas are EU-approved, which means if an ingredient is not good enough for you to eat, it absolutely can not be used in our food. Learn More About EU-approved Ingredients

To keep nutrient-destroying oxygen out and preserve freshness, our food is packaged in high oxygen barrier poly bags with resealable closures.

Since inception, Best Breed has been an innovator in pet nutrition. Recognizing that commercial pet foods were causing short- and long-term health issues in pets, we were one of the first companies to develop a holistic diet for dogs and cats. Further, we were one of the first to package those diets in high oxygen barrier material which keeps the food fresh and allows for the use of naturally-preserved ingredients. We have also been a leader in creating formulas for certain pet activity levels. For example, after repeatedly receiving requests from the working dog community for a premium diet that would meet their dogs’ high nutritional demands, Dr. Gary collaboratively developed Best Breed’s Working Dog Diet with world-renowned K-9 trainers. Today, police departments around the nation are successfully using Best Breed’s Working Dog Diet to meet their K-9s’ strenuous physical and mental demands. Lastly, we are one of the first companies to recognize that grain-free diets using ingredients like potatoes are not necessarily better for pets. We still believe that healthful, whole grains are good ingredients as long as they are used in moderation and part of a balanced diet that includes plenty of premium, low-ash meats and fats and fiber. For those pets that are sensitive to grains, we developed several grain free formulas using low-glycemic grain alternatives, including chickpeas, green peas and lentils.

Our diets are produced using a unique slow-cook, low-temperature extruding process, ensuring that natural vitamins, minerals and proteins are not compromised. The slow cook process ensures carbohydrates are conditioned for easy digestion & maximum nutrient absorption. Further, our pet food is made in small batches so that product quality and consistency is closely monitored. Smaller batches also means higher inventory turns, helping us maintain the freshest pet food on the market.

Over 25 years ago, Best Breed was founded on principles of integrity, honesty, and trust. In the highly-competitive pet food market we often see our competitors compromise such principles by “engineering” their food to fit a certain price point or marketing campaign. Best Breed’s mission is very simply: consistently produce a high-quality pet food by using only the highest quality ingredients available and the results will speak for themselves. Nearly every day we hear of a new story from a pet parent who can not believe how healthy and energetic their dog or cat is after switching to our food. For more information about Best Breed’s products feel free to contact us at 1-800-500-5999 or