02 Feb, 2018

NEW: Buffalo and Lamb – A Truly High Quality Alternative Protein Food

02 Feb, 2018

2018 is going to be a very exciting year for us!  During the past year we have been hard at work formulating and testing a bunch of new dog recipes and yes, treats!!  Finally, we are going to be able to start sharing them with the world!  To kick it off, we are pleased to introduce the Grain Free Red Meat Recipe, a Buffalo- and Lamb-based formula.

In the ever-changing pet food industry a major trend right now is putting new protein sources in foods and rotational feeding.  We love the idea of mixing foods up and have wanted to offer pet parents other protein options to do so, but it has been a struggle to find a source that meets our standards.  While a lot of the foods out there with these new protein sources sound good on the bag, most, outside of poultry and fish, are not all that great as they typically run higher in ash (ground up bone and other stuff that has little to no nutritional value) and lower in protein. One ingredient and source we have been watching is buffalo. It has been available to us for over four years and after monitoring the supply for quality and consistency, last spring we finally pulled the trigger and ran a test batch. After feeding it to our personal dogs and dozens of others since, we could not be any more pleased with the results!  One dog who has really thrived on the new formula is Samson, our Weimaraner.  He struggled with skin irritation and very inconsistent stools, no matter which formula or brand we put him on.  After feeding him the test batch of Red Meat since last summer, we were excited to see the irritation on his belly disappear and new hair grow back.  While volume might have gone up slightly, Samson’s stool was perfect every trip to the back yard!

The food starts with very, very low-ash buffalo that is EU approved. What does this mean? It means that the buffalo meat used in the Grain Free Red Meat Recipe has almost no ash and lots of high-quality protein and fat. EU-approved simply means that if an ingredient is not good enough for you to consume, it is not good enough to go in Best Breed food! Buffalo is then followed-up by Lamb and low-glycemic-index, grain alternative ingredients, like chickpeas and lentils. Further, we added the Green-lipped Sea Mussel for natural joint and connective tissue health.

If your dog is struggling with chicken sensitivities or you are just looking to change up protein, the Grain Free Red Meat Recipe should be a great place to start.  Feel free to contact us with ANY questions!